We've launched this year a new event that will bring a new aspect to inspiring our young people. We're going to be bringing in some of Britain's most successful sports stars on the world stage and get them to share their stories of their journey to the top. So are you ready to be inspired by one of our top Olympic athletes who has represented Team GB? Then look no further! As part of Project 2028, Swim England East Region proudly launches the first of it's Lessons from Champions series and a morning with Amy Williams MBE. An interactive talk that will be filled with excitement, inspiration and absolute wow factor, this event is not to missed.

Come and hear Amy's journey across a number of sports, resulting in finding herself going 70mph down a icy gauntlet with her face just centimetres above the ice in the adrenaline fuelled sport of Skeleton. Traveling around the world, rising all the way to becoming an Olympic Champion, and subsequently following other pursuits in retirement such as arctic adventures and a few visits to join the BBC Top Gear team, her story will captivate you from start to finish.
This event is open to everyone within the region and athletes are welcome to get tickets to bring family and friends with them. Swimming and is associated aquatic disciplines is a sport that often takes over your entire life, so its great we have the opportunity to be able to cater for everyone from all our disciplines (athletes, athletes families, club volunteers and coaches).

Tickets for this event are £10 and bookings are on a first come first served basis and any surplusses raised from this event will be put straight back into more development activities. To book please click here.